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Ambulance Response Times 

An analysis of ambulance response times & pre-deployment in Grey & Bruce Counties


•The purpose of this ISP study is to evaluate and assess the EMS response systems in Bruce County, Ontario

•The study area incorporates the current response coverages for agencies located within rural Bruce County, Ontario.

•By identifying areas where distance and/or time of response can be reduced this analysis will create a safer environment for its residents.

•The objectives of this ISP are to answer the following questions and provide a basis for an improvement in service and response;

1. Using the spatial relationship of emergency base locations to response calls to show what extent of emergency response coverage areas currently are unrealistic or illogical given the rural area.

2.To what extent will comparative analysis of current emergency response areas to GIS developed divisions yield improved services by the responding agents in Bruce County EMS branches?

3.What factors influence response times among agencies beyond transportation types, traffic, time of day, time of year?

•This analysis of response times has yielded improvements in the theoretical time taken for EMS responders to arrive at an incident.

•The comparison of coverage areas to times generated using multi-ring buffers in GIS, demonstrate how improved coverage boundaries could on average lower response times for each Base.

•By reassigning each incident to the closest EMS base that could respond, which was completed by creating boundaries based on closest facility, the times were significantly reduced.

•The pre-deployment routs offer easy access to most secondary roads and improve response times to outer rings in the response buffer.

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