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Proposals for New Playground at CDCS

Students were given an interesting real life mapping task that presented itself during the geomatics course.  In September 2014, a new Kindergarten to Grade 12 Community School will open in Chesley.  Kinghurst Community School and Chesley District High School will merge to form "Chesley District Community School".  The new school will be on the current site of Chesley District High School.  As a result, a new playground space will be needed for the elementary students of the school.  Our class spent time looking over architect drawings of the new proposed site.  As a class, we took a field trip to Kinghurst to talk to students, staff and administrators.  Students got some background information on what was needed for the new space and collected data (field notes, pictures, measurements, etc.).  Back in the lab, students worked in groups to construct a new playspace that would be suitable for the school while keeping in mind a lot of different factors.   

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