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CDHS Students 

Where are they now?



  • Find out where the majority of the graduates have gone.

  • Pin point exactly where the graduates have gone.

  • See what takes up more of the graduates from Chesley whether that is college, university, the workplace or other opportunities.

  • What university or college is most populated by recent Chesley graduates?

  • Find statistics about the graduates how many stayed around the school etc…


I planned to find where most if not all of the past graduates from 3 years (current grades to past). With this information I figured out statistics to see how many people went off to college, university, workplace or went on to other things.  I provided the teachers with my research and ask for as much help as I can get from them to find all the graduates. I contacted the teachers because I already have a list of all the students that I plan to find.  I have a chart of all the names as well as a column for what they are doing and where they went whether that was c (college), u (university), w (workplace) or n (not available or other). The analysis for my project is to see how many people out of these graduating classes have gone where. I made statistics based on how many students when wherever. The risk of my project is not finding all the graduates because some of them can’t be reached easily.

Out of the graduates from the past 2 years and current year 34% of them went to college straight out of high school, 33% of the students went straight to work, 21% went to university , 11% came back to school for a victory lap to continue their high school education and the last final 1% went to do an apprenticeship.


I found that the graduates of Chesley District High School have gone on to do great things. My first map shows the province of Ontario and where the students have gone within the province. It is a very simple map that only shows the students. Unfortunately Arc map made it so that the one workplace symbol in Chesley instead of 24 separate dots. This happened more than once and it cannot be changed. The other map shows a multiple ring buffer around Chesley District High School that goes out 100 kilometers away. 45% of the students stayed in the multiple ring buffer, out of this 45% half of the students stayed in Chesley.

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