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CGO4M Geomatics - Independent Student Projects

Students in the CGT3O (Grade 11) & CGO4M Geomatics classes (Grade 12) completed an independent study throughout the course.  Students were able to choose a topic of interest and were asked to conduct some spatial analysis for their project.  There were a range of topics which were mostly local.  In some cases, students were able to share their completed results with the community or those who helped them obtain data.  Although each year is different, students usually present their findings to their peers and are encouraged to share their results with any community partners that they've worked with. Students are usually responsible for presenting their findings using a poster board. 

Fire Safety in Saugeen Shores

FINAL FINAL Asbestos Map - Port

Real Estate

in Chesley, ON

Bookstores in Grey-Bruce

Housing Analysis in Chesley

Ambulance Response Times in Grey-Bruce

Ethnicity in Toronto

CDCS Students - Where are they now?

Tobacco Free Spaces in Bruce County

Centennial Pool - Increasing Patrons

Fire Reponse Times in Aran-Elderslie

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