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Fire Response

An analysis of stations and response times in Aran-Elderslie


My plan for my ISP is to find out if fire departments are really being as efficient as possible along with ways that they can maybe improve there response times. Ways such as a different department responding to the call may help the department reach the North American standard response time. This idea came to me because I found out that the Elmwood fire department was responding to calls that were much closer to Chesley and I thought that was just ridiculous. This gave me the chance to really analyze what the fire departments areas of response are and if it really would be quicker for other departments to respond other then the notified department. I chose to research and show the boundaries for Elmwood, Chesley , Tara and Paisley for this project.

•In conclusion my findings were better than I thought they were going to be.

•I thought the boundaries were not going to be as well covered within the 6 minute / 10 km expectation.

•The boundaries are for the most part covered by the buffer which is good to know .

•The only thing that I did expect and did happen are that some of the edges of the boundaries are not covered by the buffer and are more then 10km’s away from the hall .

•This means more risk to the building or person in need.

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