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We Share the Air 

Tobacco Free Spaces in Bruce County


Grey Bruce is trying to pass a by-law where outdoor recreational spaces remain tobacco-free

Why? Because second-hand smoke IS dangerous!

-Cigarette butts and cigarette related items are the number one littered thing on beaches and roads.

-Cigarettes are harmful to everyone and everything.

}Second-hand smoke IS dangerous!

}Studies have shown that breast cancer in adolescent females has remarkably increased if they are exposed to second-hand smoke.

}Blood nicotine levels are significantly increased in bar workers who are exposed to second hand smoke

}So why should we let people smoke on playgrounds, beaches, soccer fields, etc where children and others are exposed to over 4000 chemicals


-Locate several places in Grey Bruce / Chesley and where most people smoke. i.e., beaches, high school, parks, soccer fields, etc.

-Observe how well cleaned-up the cigarette butts are/ how many are littered in each place.

-Provide services available for those who wish to quit smoking.

-Propose a new site that might be suitable for tobacco quitting services i.e., at the high school.

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